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Take time for your relationship. Talk about bodies, intimacy, and sex in positive, appropriate terms. Many kids express curiosity early on about their own bodies, whether examining their genitals or engaging in masturbation. Respectfully let them know that their body is theirs to explore, but that privacy is important. Just as we don't put our fingers in our nose at the dinner table, we don't fondle our parts in the living room.

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They can learn what is appropriate and inappropriate only when they are told or shown, so go ahead and talk about it openly and without shame. When questioned about sex or intimacy, answer the question that they are actually asking in age-appropriate terms and then allow them to lead the discussion. My kids understand already that babies exit the body through the vagina or an incision in the abdomen, but they aren't yet concerned about how they get in there. Fine by me.

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I'm in no rush to cross that bridge with them, but I'll hold their hands and walk over it together when we get there. So what do you think? Do you try to keep your kids shielded from sex? What is appropriate to share? At least, that is how things look in her mind.

Sex Mountain: Java's Hidden Sex Festival

With a BS in English Education and an MA in English Literature, words — and their ability to shape our lives and thoughts — are an everyday fascination. This is crazy. Really appreciated and learned from this article. I found your article to be well written and appreciate your openness. I have always been very open with my child in regards to where babies come from, how out bodies work, that there are differences between boys and girls, and only women and men can have babies.

That when two people love each other very much they are able to have a baby, and that baby will grow inside of the mommy. And ect. I let my child be naked if they wish we live in one of the hottest climates on earth. There is a time and place for everything. In hopes that they will be safe. My child feels comfortable talking to me about any and everything.

You Should Have Sex (*and you shouldn’t try to hide that from your kids)

And that is because of how open we are with each other about everything. Thank you so much for the article! I really did find a lot of use in the things you said!! Well I disagree.

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I kindly suggest you to please review this kind of articles and consider those who have different opinions, values, morals according to their way of life or religion before posting and supporting something like this. Many parents will agree with on that based on their family morals and beliefs.

Hi there, Denise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Of course different families will have different standards for what they think that means and you certainly can adapt what you teach your kids to be in line with your personal belief system, just as I do with mine. People with morals masterbate, it is part of sex, which as you stated is natural. Her mom was super thankful that I had given such sound advice. When I first read this title I was a little concerned but after reading it I gain some valuable information. This sounds like a great plan! Very well put, and thank you for saying it.

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By clicking the "Join Now" button you are agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy. Tweet E-mail. Image adapted via iStock So some of you are already thinking that I'm a crazy woman, telling you not to hide sex from your kids.

Do these homophobic attacks mean we’ll again have to hide our same-sex relationships?

So how can you do that? What do you think? Yes please Not now. News National. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Man, woman tried to hide sex act with blanket on Delta flight. Updated: By: Max White. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc.

All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. WXYZ obtained the police report from a Freedom of Information Request The year-old woman from California and the year-old man were sitting next to each other in row 26 on the Delta flight on Oct. According to the report, a passenger informed the flight attendant about the man and woman.

Another witness said she went to the row and saw the woman performing oral sex on the man.