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Writer Jake Hall attends a workshop to find out.

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The Woolsey Fire started on November 8, All across India, young men are willing to turn their backs on tradition and compete for a better life — even if it means sacrificing everything. Venezuela's crisis has changed the lives of its youth forever. But whether they choose to leave or stay put, the scope of their ambition remains the same — no matter how tough things get.

They had written and recorded three songs with Timbaland which became part of an entirely new album titled Red Carpet Massacre , released November 19, to mixed reviews and disappointing sales it peaked at no.

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As a result, the band broke ties with Epic Records and its parent company Sony. Although John Taylor called it "our misunderstood masterpiece", Reportage has not been released, and none of its songs have been performed live. No recordings are known to have leaked, aside from a few brief studio session clips that were posted online. Simon had this to say about the album: "I would be failing in my duty if I didn't get at least the song "48 Hours Later", which is sublime. It's one of the best Duran Duran songs I've ever heard.

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And it would work well with what we're doing now. There's another one called "Transcendental Mental" which sounds great. There's another called "Traumatized" which lyrically isn't as strong, but the melody is great. John commented on a song called "Under The Wire" in April : "We have been working on around fifteen songs over the last couple of months We're mixing today, a song for the new album. It's new territory for us, this song.

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It's about alienation…or is it? I have to be careful making assumptions about Simon's lyrics. The chorus line, 'We go under the wire, we go in under fire' Nick said the song is about their friend in New Orleans who went missing after Hurricane Katrina.

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Nick also added it's a beautiful song and has got a Kinks influence. These are the working song titles that have been identified by band members and reliable sources as being part of the Reportage project before it was abandoned:. The members of Duran Duran have discussed an eventual release for Reportage : "And further on the horizon Rhodes says the group hopes to release Reportage , the album it scrapped in favor of Red Carpet Massacre that features the last work original guitarist Andy Taylor did with the band.

There are a lot of songs I'm very proud of that I'd like people to hear. Sign In Don't have an account?

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