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Can I get your hand to write on? Just a piece of leg to bite on What a night to fly my kite on Do you want to flash a light on? Take a look, it's on display Get it off with no propeller Do it up, it's on with Stella What a way to finally smell her Pickin' up, but not too strong Wayne M. See the Red chillies symbol. I'm sure Anthony Kiedis has one and probably rides.

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Don't know. Clearly a song about surfing. You other people are nutters. The song is just about a guy relaxing his mind with some kind of drug and wondering how would it be getting a possible ride on the wind in a beatiful night, going up and stay there for a little while just enjoy all the view from above Great song though Or is it about the California zephyr? The amtrak train which launched in ?

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Hank Williams wrote a great song about this. Fly away on my zephyr in this perfect weather etc we will find a place together to sit on the train. Just shows you can write anything and it gets interpreted in all sorts of ways. This song is about the west winds, blowing the waves he rode on his Zephyr Surfboard. Initially I read it as a relationship song. A zephyr to me was a metaphor for love.

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After seeing the readings of each of you I read it again and unfortunately for all the kiddies I think you're right it's another drug song. I think the zephyr reference is to do with breathing something in that takes you to a high. The skating references and the water where he is centered are metaphors for the high. I still think it's a song of love and infatuation but with a feeling or state of mind, not a person or object. Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.

Also the band don't play much of btw anyway except Can't Stop and btw cause Flea wasn't happy during the writing process.

Really sad cause I personally felt it was their last extraordinary and brilliant album. Yeah it seems like for the last few years it's just been the two main singles and occasionally TAYT and Universally Speaking. Yes, but that litterally literally Are you happy now?

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I emotionally connect with the album and the simplistic guitar work makes me love it even more. It's just my opinion. I explained my reasons for loving BTW. I'm not the biggest fan of SA. What does me being young have to do with my opinions?

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I don't think Flea ever told the others. Only came up on an interview around the time they were promoting SA. Chad, Anthony and John may still not know. And I really doubt John not wanting to play the song would affect them playing it now. Well, they didn't play any OHM tracks because John didn't want to, and Pea aside they continued that until they brought back Aeroplane for a few shows this year. I think flea told Chad he was gonna quit due to John taking the spotlight with songwriting, and flea's depression while touring.

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Chad got Flea and John to an understanding but Flea never quit because he couldn't stand the thought of telling AK. Anthony name drops Stella. I don't think it's because of that since I'm sure they kept playing it after the breakup, which was in 03, I think.

If that were the case Anthony wouldn't have added Emily's name to another song. I don't think Flea's experience recording the album has much to do with why they play so little from it. Don't Forget Me shows up every now and then.