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However, most of you can reach out and Google such information for your selves. The materials I share in the articles that follow come from the various weekly science and environmental newsletters to which I subscribe. A magazine published by the American Chemical Society. So I decided to see what I could glean fro the last half-inch or so of back issues, that might interest our readers.

Chemistry is related to, by less than three degrees of separation, to most aspects of our lives from energy we use, to the production food and safety, medicine to extend our lives, and is a critical part of all the widgets and do-dads that make up our technology toys. Seven indicators showed an uptick: air temperature over land, sea-surface temperature, air temperature over oceans, sea level, ocean heat, humidity, and temperature of the troposphere, which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere.

And three indicators declined: the extent of Arctic sea ice, the mass of glaciers, and spring snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere. The report was published as a special supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society and is available at www. Once again I ask who will gain by fostering denial.

If the continuing tends, which rely on:. ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics Inc. Algae are considered a promising biofuel starting point because they are fast-growing and can be raised on non-arable land. Various companies, from biotech start-ups to Dow Chemical, are pursuing algae-derived biofuels, but the Exxon-SGI alliance is by far the most financially ambitious. Craig Venter said at a press conference. Although the partners are not yet using a real-world environment, they will begin assessing natural and engineered strains of algae in systems that range from open ponds to closed photo-bioreactors.

They plan to evaluate and optimize growth conditions, oil production, harvesting, and recovery. The collaborators also have conducted lifecycle and sustainability studies to determine the impact of biofuel harvesting on greenhouse gas emissions, as well as on land and water use. In an effort to be independent of agricultural resources, their process uses sunlight, salt water, and carbon dioxide, Venter explained. They hope to find or design a strain of algae that can secrete the desired long-chain hydrocarbons.

Scaling up into that facility is expected in mid So far, the algal products look similar to intermediate streams processed in existing refineries, Jacobs pointed out. Both he and Venter emphasized that the project is long-term and that it will take billions of dollars to reach commercial scale. By Ann M. Doc says, net to resuming offshore drilling, obtain large amounts of natural gas, trapped in US shale deposits is the next big energy brouhaha.

What is see is folks getting polarized and hot under the collar, rather than working together t find cost effective solutions to any negative potential environmental impacts for such drilling. After-all oil the burning natural gas for transportation fuel and electricity generation creates less carbon dioxide when burned, in shale based gas is a made in America product.

The U. But critics say this view is overly optimistic, because the technology for releasing gas embedded deep underground in massive shale fields has not yet been shown to be economical. Such technology could also contaminate water supplies with toxic drilling chemicals. Geologists have long known that natural gas is abundant in shale rock formations running from the Appalachian Basin to the Rocky Mountains. But the resource has remained largely untapped because of the difficulty in extracting it. In recent years, however, advances in a technology developed decades ago by the petroleum industry to boost production at aging oil wells has helped unlock vast reserves of once-inaccessible natural gas.

Hydraulic fracturing is a process in which millions of gallons of chemically treated water and sand are pumped into the ground at extremely high pressure to generate fractures or cracks in shale rocks and release trapped gas. Recoverable U. In , the Potential Gas Committee, a panel of U. The jump was the largest increase in the year history of reports from the committee.

Curtis, a professor of geology and geological engineering at Colorado School of Mines. Natural gas is the fuel of choice for a wide range of industries, including chemical manufacturing. In addition to its use in generating electricity, natural gas is also a feedstock for a variety of products, including petrochemicals, plastics, and fertilizers. Environmental Concerns and Initial Assessment Actions — Although hydraulic fracturing has the potential to turn gas deposits in shale formations into an energy bonanza, the method is coming under increasing scrutiny.

Environmental activists and some lawmakers are concerned that the drilling technique may pose a threat to drinking water. Consequently, they argue, the federal government should regulate the drilling practice. Individual states currently monitor fracturing activities. What worries critics are the chemical additives used in the process to reduce friction, kill bacteria, and prevent mineral buildup.

Waxman D-CA has asked eight oil-field service companies to provide detailed information about the chemicals used in their drilling operations. These will be evaluated to determine their toxicological properties, relative to ground water protection. The Environmental Protection Agency also intends to conduct a comprehensive research study of the effects of fracturing on water quality and public health.

Agency officials have said they intend to have their initial research results completed by the end of Environmentalists dismissed the finding, claiming it was politically motivated and scientifically unsound. Poor bewildered Doc! This equation embodies the use of solar energy to rip apart water molecules to produce hydrogen, which can be used as an energy-rich fuel for vehicles and to produce electricity. Key to solar water splitting is developing inexpensive catalysts to capture light efficiently and speed the process while minimizing the amount of electricity needed to drive the electrochemistry.

Most catalysts so far have less than stellar efficiencies, rely on expensive and rare metals, or tend to be easily deactivated under harsh working conditions. Two U. Daniel G. And Craig L. Both catalysts are made from Earth-abundant elements, avoid organic ligands that are prone to oxidation during electrolysis, have a built-in mechanism for self-repair to improve lifetime, and operate at neutral pH with modest electricity input. Development of such cobalt water-oxidation catalysts do benefit from federal initiatives to harness solar power to make hydrogen fuel.

If perfected and made affordable, the technology could supply a substantial portion of future global energy demand, which is anticipated to double between now and Commercial technology to derive H2 from water by electrolysis has been available for nearly a century. In this respect, the recent work from the Nocera and Hill groups is highly interesting. Water splitting is a two-stage process. In an electrolysis cell, water is oxidized at the positive electrode, or anode, to form oxygen, along with four hydrogen ions and four electrons. Of the two electrode processes, both of which require a catalyst to be efficient, the water-oxidation reaction is more complex and thermodynamically demanding.

Not much of this has approached cost effective commercialization, but methinks were getting close. One interesting sidelight — Fuels produce direct current, not the usual AC current in our walls; this is the type of electricity that Edison was promoting in days gone by. Almost of the ways of dealing with the excess carbon dioxide in the environment call for what is in essence throwing it away. Albeit, Dr. The other alternatives are to grow trees, or other vegetation including algae to use them for creating bio fuels.

Crumpled pieces of aluminum foil cloak light-sensitive chemical reactions. Three-necked flasks decorate the bench tops like vases sprouting electrodes instead of flowers. Two years ago, Bocarsly reported that with the help of a pyridinium catalyst he was able to use visible light to transform CO2 into methanol J. We were attracted to this technology because it displayed factors that generally indicate it has potential. Liquid Light needs to compete financially. Also note that POfS is a pinch of stuff.

With world population climbing, and energy demand along with it, countries are trying to figure out how to minimize the global-warming consequences of carbon-based energy. The challenges are enormous: Because of differences in energy resources, nations around the world have different abilities to shift away from fossil fuel and to adapt technologies that reduce CO2 emissions.

And many of those technologies are not moving as fast as they could be because of uncertainty in public policies to reduce CO2 emissions. These are the take-home messages from a conference held to stimulate ideas and form collaborations to quicken the pace of development and implementation of CO2-emissions-reducing technologies. The public would like to have clean energy from these new technologies, but at the same price as petroleum-based products, Powell said.

On top of that there have to be customers willing to pay for what you produce. Globally, three sequestration technologies are actively being developed: storage in saline aquifers in sandstone formations, where the CO2 is expected to mineralize into carbonates over time; injection into deep, uneconomic coal seams; and injection into depleted or low-producing oil and natural gas reservoirs. Overall, billions of tons of CO2 must be captured and stored per year to stabilize atmospheric CO2 at levels that should moderate global warming.

Global capacity for sequestration is pegged at hundreds of billions of tons of CO2, adequate for several hundred years of storage. Currently, only tens of millions of tons of CO2—most of it from natural gas and not coal-fired power plants—are being squirreled away by demonstration storage projects and oil and natural gas mining operations. George A. Richards, focus area leader for energy system dynamics at the U.

The fate of spilled oil in the Gulf rests with the hydrocarbon-digesting microbes colonizing underwater plumes. Millions of gallons of oil now drift throughout the Gulf of Mexico in massive, underwater plumes. Over the past three months, the high pressure at the wellhead has pulverized the oil, while chemical dispersants have broken it into microscopic droplets. After an April 20 explosion sank the Deepwater Horizon exploration rig and started the largest oil spill in U.

Preliminary data collected by these researchers show that marine microbes have mobilized across the Gulf and are in fact chewing their way through the oil plumes. These monitoring efforts have chiefly focused on drops in dissolved oxygen levels, a sign of microbial metabolism. They found that alkane hydrocarbon -digesting bacteria have colonized the Deepwater Horizon oil plumes and have begun to consume significant amounts of dissolved oxygen.

Likewise, David Valentine, a microbial geochemist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has observed microbe-associated oxygen declines in plumes of oil and methane gas. Also hydrocarbons in general are ubiquitous in the ocean and can be found not only in seeping oil, but also in plant waxes and lobster shells.

Myriad marine bacteria have evolved to consume these hydrocarbons, and now the spill has allowed them to travel beyond their natural food sources. Guys and Gals — this is nature. Not man-caused in action so we need to watch the wheel turning to intercede, if we can, should things go badly awry. In our ignorance, we have a habit of bestowing quasi-mystical properties on our own creations in much the same way as the faithful can be moved and inspired by splendid architecture or pious icons.

Our instincts suggest that this level of expenditure, the moral correctness of the enterprise, and the weight of our investments in hope and good intentions, must surely prove the underlying theory. We take it as a given that somebody — our scientists, our politicians, our priests, or our parents — has done the intellectual heavy lifting already.

Alas, this is seldom the case, and definitely not so here. In a world currently focused on all things green it is perceived to be politically irresponsible to be circumspect or behind the curve. In so doing we will divert resources, time and attention away from more meaningful solutions, and from programs like conservation and reuse — options and programs that we know reduce our impact on the environment.

elrpvsx.tk Ebooks and Manuals

Instead, we will expend greater resources, build bigger more impressive monuments and blindly put our faith in the promises of others — despite all the empirical science to the contrary. We will convince ourselves that our good intentions plus the size and scope of the effort is evidence enough of its merit. We are being seduced by the splendor of the temple without taking the time to see the emptiness of the catechism. It costs less, holds equal promise, and is not a blight on the landscape.

Remember, when Doc sticks his two bits in, its in italics, usually indented. Readers Again Please Take Note — Many of the technologies I share still have to prove that they are reliable, durable, scalable and cost effective. They also have to demonstrate that we will not fall victim top the law of unintended consequences when we implement them.

If you care to Google them in detail, you will find studies saying they are capable of being commercialized and often as many studies that whose authors remain skeptical. Putting ones money where one mouth is creates one method of determining the reality of a dream still to come true.

Ask any one with a technical start-up company — the big cost is the leap from bench scale to operational facility. Sometime not that is a good test — look at the ethanol plants that have shut down in the mid-west. In Apple advertising lingo :. These do and will allow you to organize and quickly access items in your startup hard drive, network and mounted volumes. I did that several times over the years:. Actually your choices create at least a full house with a little help from shareware and freeware.

Now the details…. But I do use enhancement tools, since mousing to the menubar is a good way for me to go. Trash Note — Temporary Items are marked in blue. Finder windows have a sidebar on the left side of the window that displays icons for items you use frequently, including disks, servers, and folders. To open a Finder window, click the Finder icon in the Dock. If the sidebar is not visible, open the View menu and choose Show Sidebar.

If Show Sidebar is dimmed, choose Show Toolbar. To add, remove, and rearrange items in the sidebar:. X-Menu 1. They give you access to your preferred applications, folders, documents, files, and snippets. Launch any application or insert text snippets or URLs into your email messages or Pages documents with a single menu choice.

Freeware from Devon Technologies. FruitMenu 3. Using a visual editor you can edit the contents of the menus to suit your needs and taste. FruitMenu will also display the contents of the FruitMenu Items folder inside of your Library folder, launch applications and shell scripts from the Apple Menu and contextual menus, to allow easy file navigation and launching.

To make the haxie completely flexible and customizable, you can assign hotkeys to particular menu items. They go by various category names, so read the application titles below and re-learn the jargon. Dock-It 2. Dock Spaces 3. Freeware Patrick Chamelo. AppMenuBoy 1. AppMenuBoy is a small Cocoa application that creates a hierarchical menu of your apps in the dock and menubar Freeware David Phillip Oster.

DragThing 5. DragThing, the original dock augmentation software, is designed to tidy up your Macintosh desktop. It puts all your documents, folders, and applications just a single click away. Highly flexible, it allows multiple docks, each customized to suit your exact needs. It stores frequently used clippings such as text and pictures, and lets you easily paste them into other applications with just a click.

Application Switcher Menu 2. This menu lists all of your open applications, so you can easily switch between them. And you can set ASM to automagically hide other apps when you switch to another app! This is one utility you must have! Brings back the application switcher menu and more to Mac OS X. Overflow 2. Anything you want can be added to the Overflow interface, making it accessible through a few simple mouse clicks or keystrokes. The interface is resizable, and fully customizable. Create separate categories for your applications, work files, games, or anything else you want to be able to access quickly.

Stunt Software Shareware LaunchBar 5. QuickAccessCM 1. It can be used as a launcher, file commander or installer. QuickAccessCM plugin provides a number of access augmenting feature has independent modules to your contextual menus. Also check the MacUpdate site for utilizes of you choice and updates to the ones you use.

Acknowledgments: Unless otherwise noted I have provided the additional sources for the material in these articles. In most cases I have acknowledged as well as modified the original document s to personalize them for my own use and for you our readers. As needed the information provided was created, and as appropriate demonstrated on my iMac 2. This article was originally published in the April issue of macCompanion, and has been updated for our readers.

The information I share in the articles that follows comes from the various weekly science and environmental newsletters to which I subscribe. When I have time, I also check a variety of energy related and environmental blogs. If that does not satisfy, Google a bit. Bottom Line: The resulting column contains a mini-summary with links to articles I found interesting.

I also subscribe to a number of technology blogs, which are identified when I use their posted contents. Why a Greening Column? Googling and reading subscription turned out as a good way as any to keep up with a rapidly changing world of energy and greening — for example who would have thought a few weeks ago that off shore oil might not be the main route to US energy independence, climate change be damned? Remember, conditions, both technical and geopolitical continuously change. As Charles Dickens would have likely agreed — It was the best of times, the worst of times.

Department of Energy Bioenergy Research Centers. The opportunity lies in the availability. The series features academic government and industrial leaders who discuss novel ideas and scientific advances in biological sciences. It consists largely of sugar polymers glucose plus others that can be converted to other fuels by catalytic or microbial chemistries.

And these sugars come from the non-edible parts of the plants, rather than from food sources. The challenges include getting at the sugars trapped in insoluble fibers of the cellulose wall, and the variety of cellulosics. Power plants and other industrial facilities emit SO 2 directly into the air.

Exposure to SO 2 can aggravate asthma, cause respiratory difficulties, and result in emergency room visits and hospitalization. EPA is taking comment on a proposal to establish a new national one-hour SO 2 standard, between 50 and parts per billion ppb. This standard is designed to protect against short-term exposures ranging from five minutes to 2 4 hours. Because the revised standards would be more protective, EPA is proposing to revoke the current 2 4-hour and annual SO 2 health standards. EPA also is proposing changes to monitoring and reporting requirements for SO 2.

Monitors would be placed in areas with high SO 2 emission levels as well as in urban areas. The proposal addresses only the SO 2 primary standards, which are designed to protect public health. EPA will address the secondary standard — designed to protect the public welfare, including the environment — as part of a separate proposal in EPA first set National Ambient Air Quality Standards for SO 2 in , establishing both a primary standard to protect health and a secondary standard to protect the public welfare.

Annual average SO 2 concentrations have decreased by more than 71 percent since Although the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and their related infrastructure has always suffered from chicken-and-egg syndrome , Nissan and FedEx, along with several utilities and technology companies have formed a coalition to break the stalemate. At a press conference Monday in Washington, D. Sixty percent of the petroleum used by the U. This energy mentality has to change because the U.

Byron Dorgan D—N. With the number of vehicles on the planet expected to grow from million today to 2. The Electrification Coalition, made up of carmaker Nissan Co. Read more that the link below. Just in time for Thanksgiving, a familiar techno-turkey is back on the national policy table: the hydrogen-powered car. The Obama administration had flatlined funding for President George W. Two wars and a financial sinkhole later, most Americans had managed to forget the whole thing. But why is it there at all? The answer lies in the persistent, hypnotic allure of hydrogen eco-mythology, with its promise of breaking our addiction to fossil fuels and foreign oil while banishing greenhouse pollution from our skies — a vision most pointedly embodied in the hydrogen car.

Or, more accurately, the notion of the hydrogen car. Electrical current from a fuel cell, a device that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, powers the prototypical H-car. The principle involved is a schoolroom classic: If you stick two electrodes into a beaker of water, the electrical energy breaks H2O apart into its ingredients, H and O, in a process called electrolysis.

Click the Link — Read On. Now, a University of Florida engineering researcher is designing ones capable of a full inspection. Physicians currently insert camera-equipped endoscopes into patients to hunt visible abnormalities, such as tumors, in the gastrointestinal tract and internal organs. The technology we are developing is basically to see under the surface, under the epithelial layer.

He also recently launched a small company, the Gainesville-based WiOptix Inc. With current camera-equipped endoscopes, once doctors spot abnormalities, they typically perform a biopsy, and then send the suspicious tissue to a laboratory. But biopsy is risky and may cause bleeding and even trauma. Also, it usually takes a couple of days to receive the analysis of the biopsy sample from the laboratory. If it is cancerous, surgeons may attempt to remove the abnormality and surrounding tissue, using either endoscopes equipped for surgery or traditional surgical methods. The heart of his scanner is a micro-electromechanical system, or MEMS, device: A tiny motorized MEMS mirror that pivots back and forth to reflect a highly focused infrared beam.

Computers process the return signal from the endoscopes, transforming it into a three-dimensional image of the surface tissue and the tissue beneath. One scanner even produces a degree-image of all the tissue surrounding the endoscope. Doctors or other trained observers can then search the image for abnormalities or suspicious growth patterns. Technologists already are worried about the security implications of linking nearly all elements of the U.

Now the Internet and the cell phone and soon the grid. The report mentioned above can also be downloaded as a PDF. But as these systems begin to come online, it remains unclear how utilities and partner companies will mine, share and use that new wealth of information, experts warn. Read more about the issue at the link below. Doc Further Notes: Even when you anticipate the law of unintended consequences, it is never the less difficult to deal with them.

Indeed in our blogger conspiracy theory rich Internet, even relatively solvable problems become major political and headline issues. After all of all the truths we hold self evident, scientific literacy and the ability to deal with risk related issues are rarely in evidence. But such was the case today as the Government Accountability Office today took yet another critical look at the US federal security systems and found most of them lacking.

As government, private sector, and personal activities continue to move to networked operations, as digital systems add ever more capabilities, as wireless systems become more ubiquitous, and as the design, manufacture, and service of information technology have moved overseas, the threat will continue to grow. Credit: New York Power Authority.

The biggest chemical battery in the United States is located near Interstate 90 in the small town of Luverne, Minn. The 80 ton device — the size of two tractor-trailers stacked on top of each other — stores as much energy as about 3 million rechargeable AA batteries and can power about 3, houses for more than an hour when discharging at its maximum rate. The battery is also intended to soak up extra energy at night, when the wind blows strongest and when the power demand from the grid is the lowest.

This energy can then be released in the afternoon to lessen the strain on the electrical grid when people return home from work. But according to a report by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, large-scale batteries need to be developed to deal with the increasing amounts of renewable energy on the grid. The AIChE report warned that no proven technologies have been developed to store large quantities of solar and wind energy. The chemistry inside these sodium-sulfur batteries is similar to that of the lead acid battery inside of a car. In the car battery, a chemical reaction provides power by sending electrons from one lead plate to another through a liquid called an electrolyte.

NGK batteries replace the lead plates with molten sulfur and molten salt and the liquid electrolyte with a solid piece of ceramic that allows electrons to flow between the two hot liquids. This gives the batteries a much longer lifetime than car battery chemistry would allow. NGK guarantees them for 15 years 4, charge and discharge cycles , during which their efficiency at absorbing and discharging energy drops from about 92 to 75 percent.

By Phil McKenna. Biofuel startup ZeaChem has begun building a biofuel pilot plant that will turn cellulosic feedstocks into ethanol via a novel approach that uses microbes found in the guts of termites. The company says the ethanol yields from the sugars of its cellulosic feedstocks are significantly higher than the yields from other biofuel production processes.

ZeaChem says its process also has the potential to produce a plastic feedstock. The company employs a hybrid approach that uses a combination of thermochemical and biological processes. It first uses acid to break the cellulose into sugars. Then, instead of fermenting the sugars into ethanol with yeast, as is typically done, the company feeds the sugars to an acetogen bacteria found in the guts of termites and other insects. The bacterium converts the sugar into acetic acid, which is then combined with hydrogen to form ethanol.

In more conventional biofuel processes, much of the carbon content locked up in the sugars is lost to the formation of carbon dioxide when the sugars are fermented into ethanol. Converting the sugars into acetic acid and then ethanol, however, yields no carbon dioxide. As a result, this method has the potential to raise biofuel yields by as much as 50 percent, according to ZeaChem. Increasingly dependable and emitting few greenhouse gases, the U.

With nuclear providing always-on electricity that will become more cost-effective if a price is placed on heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions, utilities have found it is now viable to replace turbines or lids that have been worn down by radiation exposure or wear. Many engineers are convinced that nearly any plant parts, most of which were not designed to be replaced, can be swapped out. Indeed, as U. By Moises Velasquez-Manoff ,. The hidden costs of coal plants include the effects of mercury on wildlife and people, the climate-warming effects of carbon emissions, as well as pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter.

But someone eventually pays for them. That works out to about 3. Natural gas had fewer hidden costs than coal. That works out to between 1. Climate considerations aside, damages wrought by ethanol made from corn were usually similar to, or even slightly worse, than damages from gasoline. It turns out that two common native grasses — switch grass and Eastern gamma grass — do. The grasses work by nourishing microorganisms in the soil that work to break down the explosives into harmless components.

And the researchers think there may be many more potential uses for grasses in cleaning up contaminated areas. Lerch says. Doc Sez, I wonder how much time it took Ms. King to search the copyright protected antinuclear sites to come up with this well-worn list. Can Ms King find one that is safer — Oil recovery, coal and other minerals mining, chemical manufacturing…? I absolutely agree with Ms King — all industries including renewable need to be judged on cradle to grave costs including their carbon footprints. How about lead, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, silver and god, and zinc mining, are they pristine?

The issue is not contamination but creating rigorously enforcing regulations and assuring control measure are suitable for the risk associated with mining, or oil drilling for that mater. Are contained nuclear wastes HLW in airplane crash proof storage, less risky that mining wastes. Are exposed radioactive coal slag piles less dangers that EPA mandated Low-level waste burial?

You surely could have fooled me, and the majority of health-risk-exposure experts. If a cause is needed, start working on lobbyist funded politicians, undereducated technically illiterate bureaucrats and an public that thinks, for the most part, that science ins a dirty work. All talk, just inflammatory smoke and mirrors. Miss King, prove the validity and generality of you claim documented by multiple certified scientific analysis published, independently replicated, and peer reviewed.

Provide references by any world regulatory agency that agrees with your hypothesis. Without even casting rocks at the often almost discredited linear threshold dose hypothesis, there is ample evidence that low-level of radiation behave like most other toxic substances, what you ask does that mean? Capital costs up front are caused by a combination of regulatory overkill and risk adverse bankers and venture capitalist, at least in the US. Ms King, have you ever wondered why the same nuclear power plant take twice to three times as long to build in the US than in the rest of the nuclear power seeking world.

Are our plants any safer? After all most of the approved designs whether by the NRC or the IAEA, are carbon-copy clones of one-another, at least for this generation of reactors. Hmm — what is there neither a breeder reactor, proliferation proof recycling, a thorium fuel cycle India , and ocean extraction of uranium or finding new deposits in your future.

You should become a politician. Apples and oranges comparisons, our side of full lifecycle analysis is equivalent of the medieval belief in demoniacal possession and vapors and humors cause disease. By now you, Miss King, must be really unhappy with me… However I can back my statement up with hundreds of peer independently reviewed studies, can you? Copyright Notice : Product and company names and logos in this review may be registered trademarks of their respective companies.

I then follow the provided link to the source of the information and edited the content abstracted the information for our readers. Should I find an associated or contradictory reverence, I also share that with you. However, most of you can reach out and Google such information for yourselves. To prove me wrong all you need to do is to send me scientifically peer-reviewed evidence references.

Stay updated via RSS. Introduction Note, many of the technologies I share are in various stage of first, development, and are often far from being a commercial success. As the title of this topic and the reference contain therein implies: The Chinese believe there is a global warming problem The governments realized that hurting their people lead to Social Unrest Smoggy cities, drastic unexpected and larger than predictable weather patterns, durations and incidents. Unsubstantiated and waving of the hand environmental documentation Unsubsidized production costs, even without life cycle costs included, are uncompetitive in most areas Grid Connection and maintenance costs are not reliably factored into the baseline costs Inadequate analyses of the costs of pollution control from toxic conditions and chemicals used for photovoltaic solar cell manufacture ; not a factor when assessing solar thermal generation.

Unusable for base load production, without major breakthrough, so far under costed, for storage when the sun is not shining. By George Monbiot for the Guardian. In Brief, Radical innovation, not incremental improvement, is needed to make dean, efficient energy technologies that can compete, unsubsidized, in big markets. Not only did I find the article detailed and factual, I was also amazed by the amount of Ostrich Heads in the Sand Flaming it produced. It matters not whether this is global warming, or just out turn in the weather cycle, the damage is real and the incidence of more aggressive and destructive weather incidents, worldwide is increasing.

The first is to rescue those victimized by bad weather until governments run out of money. Alternative, start slowing and globally to take a chance that climate change theory is good, if incomplete science, caused by green house gasses and other aggressive environmental damage caused by man e. An Excerpt Joplin, Mo. Published in the Economist, Jan 27th Usually it is a semi-formal, nominally organized and mostly a one-way exchange of information — a sales pitch made by you or a co-worker aimed at convincing others of the wisdom and rightness of your views and expertise.

You can pursue these subjects — Google search about them. Selling My Project e. Can your visuals be understood in 3 seconds? If not, redesign them to support your talk. Thinking well of you never hurts. Capture the major point of the presentation on the title of a slide. A slide one PowerPoint page or one overhead transparency 3. Do you want the reader to listen and learn from you or read your slides? Occasionally at a larger than line size [e. Use a Consistent Combination Of Font Sizes And Character Enhancements for organization and emphasis: Character enhancements include bold, italics, and underline Use character enhancements sparingly Avoid the use of italics and underline if possible; they are hard to see so lose their purpose.

Nothing Smaller Will Be Visible. Experiment by projecting your slides before the actual presentation. Better yet print them out on 8. Then tape the transparency aka viewgraph, to a window. Get at least six feet away from the window and see if anything on the slide is either legible to eye catching.

Ask yourself, right after lunch, could you stay awake, attentive, interested if these were flashed in front to you? If you explain them, they need not be spelled out! The first letter of a header or phrase should be capitalized. Use bullets to list items. Maintain Consistent Backgrounds For All Slides Eliminate razzle-dazzle effects and unless your audience are rockers and punkers. They also can serve to effectively frame a slides content. Bad background colors make the words hard to reading distracting the audience away from YOU.

Photos make lousy backgrounds, the text which overlays them is both hard to read, and the effort of reading them irritates the listener. Use contrasting, bright colors to delineate between categories. Keep graphs simple and use more of them to make your point. Typically, I make a simple introduction before using a related compare sequence. Actual dat a collection based curves are seldom legible, and add too much audience distractions as they squint at your figure.

Use a color for the wording that has a very high contrast to the background I use a white or very light pastel backgrounds with dark lettering rather than dark with light lettering. I prefer dark letters, because I find white print hard to read. Use no more than four 4 colors max, preferably three. If you need more to make the point, redesign the slide! Additional Slide Related Transitional Thoughts Visual aids should support and enhance the presentation; they should not replace it or repeat it.

The most disastrous visual aids traditionally have been visuals made from typed copy. Although perhaps permissible in a classroom, with handouts, these are useless beyond 20 feet. Keep the lights on. If you are speaking in a meeting room or a classroom, the temptation is to turn the lights off so that the slides look better.

But go for a compromise between a bright screen image and ambient room lighting. Turning the lights off, besides inducing sleep, puts all the focus on the screen. The audience should be looking at you more than the screen. If at all possible get closer to your audience by moving away from or in front of the podium. Use a remote control to advance you slides. This minimizes your dancing around the stage or having to call out next slide, as we all did in the days of viewgraph transparencies.

Memorizing Your Talk — Memorizing can limit spontaneity and detract from your enthusiasm. However, some speakers memorize their opening and closing remarks to allow them to look directly at their audience with undivided attention. Try to avoid memorizing your entire presentation. As you present, be respectful toward those you are addressing. Be cautious. But do follow-up or the word will get around. Practice using appropriate gestures but only for emphasis. Ignore the fancy media effects; just watch him hook you and the rest of their intended audience.

Speak Slowly And Clearly enough that people at the back of the room can hear you. This is my Achilles heel, which to often I drop into when giving a talk when somewhat unprepared. If you have a Quiet Voice, Use a Microphone even in an intimate setting. This is especially true if you are a plenary speaker giving your talk in a large theater.

Start your presentation with a brief outline of your talk. Its helps orient the audience to why information is being given. Be Prepared — Go over your talk prior to the conference to determine whether it fits into the time available. If it does not, cut it down — Remember to leave some time for questions. QA — Check the quality of your slides and overheads well in advance of the conference. If they cannot be seen easily from the back of an average-sized lecture room, do something about it!

Use the arrow or bright spot to highlight a point or value on a slide and then switch it off. As you write the paper, think just a bit about creating a storyboard for your required presentation. I prefer cheap copy paper, which I recycle. It is easy to play with ideas to create good concept slides. I use a text editor to minimize distraction of wanting to format and make pretty.

Wait until you have written your paper to have your final figures drafted — Legends on figures and table headings must be self-contained. Think about the presentation of the variables that must be identified. Otherwise the figures will get the attention, illegible or not, not you. An Extra — Read all about it!!

Fill your slides with detail. If possible, represent trends by tables of numbers, rather than graphically. Create your slides with a few apparently random mistakes that require correction as you discuss them. Present every detail of your experimental or theoretical results. If your work involves theoretical principles not frequently discussed, assume that your audience is fully familiar with them and proceed directly with their application to your work Dr. Sidebar You will have noticed, quickly I hope, that I violate some of the graphics concepts I espouse, in my illustrations.

So now back to catching up on articles collected and not yet passed on. Ocean acidification —The other carbon-dioxide problem. Wald Biofuel diesel from wood , Wikipedia, The definition of Renewable Energy , a political not a technical term, depends on where you live.

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In the USA, nuclear energy is perceived as neither renewable but also not green. Most subsidized Governmental projects, the picking of favorites, is based not on economic e. But pleasing lobbyist is also of political benefit. The characteristics of different RE sources can influence the scale of the integration challenge. Some RE resources are widely distributed geographically. Others, such as large-scale hydropower, can be more centralized but have integration options constrained by geographic location. Some RE resources are variable with limited predictability. From the information available, the report policy leaves the systems integration and analysis to someone else, not even attempting to provide a framework for comparisons of alternative viability, politic aside, as a function of location.

You want more, read either the shorter Energy Collective version of the policy report itself. Can technical advances in sustainable agriculture be transferred to the developing world? Is there a one-size-fits-all strategy for fostering agricultural technology? Were you surprised by how effective the virus-resistance gene in tomato plants was? What would be the consequence if GM crops were suddenly removed from the market? Doc Sez: In a world where Karma really applies my the detractors who block advances rather then working to assure that there are minimal unintended consequence be condemned to life at the average living standards who hunger they help assure.

She's done a great job, and works long hours. Of course, some riders will always complain about public transportation fares. This is funded like a public utility is funded. Ninety percent of our money comes from government subsidy and funding. We get a portion of the quarter percent of local sales taxes collected in Modoc County, and that's directed towards the bus. Also, some people are unsure about how the Sage Stage operates, thinking that it is much like a taxi or limo service.

While prior notice is important to route planning, "Frankly we do accommodate same day service on an as needed basis," explains Couch. For those who travel out of town, the four competent, well-trained Sage Stage drivers will make every effort to accommodate their needs. We go to all the popular places in all of our destination cities for no extra charge.

Saying, "I've seen people's life change," Couch tells of a neighbor who insisted she would never ride the bus, that she had ample offers of transportation from friends. She even gives birthday cards to the children on the bus. There's a young man who lives in Susanville. I think he's under His parents live in Tulelake, and he takes our bus weekly to see them. Without that, he wouldn't be able to see his parents. Many riders who were largely housebound now regularly use the bus to get around for business and pleasure.

We really think that getting people from here to there is really, really important because it gives them more life. It's like a ticket with dignity. Couch and Witherspoon encourage Alturas residents to avail themselves of the convenience and comfort the Sage Stage offers. The fares are extremely reasonable, and it's way more economical than leaving your car parked at the airport or having a motel room. It's much less stressful, and much more economical. Doors open from p. The annual dinner, comes together with solid community effort and will be hosted by the Davis Creek 4-H Club.

Dinner is to be served from p. Everyone is invited. An auction, games of Bingo and sales of cakes will be included. The dinner includes freshly grilled sausage patties, mashed potatoes, green salad, green beans, and more. The hall is set with long tables, seating all who come for the event. The small group of 4-H members receive assistance from family members and their community to make the event possible as a fund-raiser for the. The Groundhog Dinner is a community tradition, which draws folks from throughout Modoc County to enjoy the event.

February 2 is official Groundhog Day in the United States, and bears the prediction of an early or late spring. If the groundhog does not see his shadow on February 2, Spring will come six weeks early. Alturas resident Ruth E. A private interment will be held in San Bernardino, Calif.

Westmoreland had made her home before moving to Alturas some 16 years ago. She was born in McCausland, Iowa on July 17, Braves head to big Corning tourney. Coach Shaun Wood feels the team will be able to place in the top five at Corning's event, one of the major tournaments of the year. Most of the top wrestlers in the section will be at Corning. We'll have the seven guys who are ranked do real well, and we'll hope some others can place. Modoc had last week off and got some kids healthy, but will be without Mark Main and Ryan Carrithers for this week because of injury.

Next weekend, Feb. SCL duals will be Friday and Saturday begins the regular tournament. Modoc meets Mt. Shasta, Trinity and Etna Friday in duals, beginning about 1 p. Saturday rounds will start about 9 a. Modoc is heavily favored to win the SCL again, with Mt. Shasta and Trinity following. Modoc's only female wrestler, Samantha Brush will go to an all-female wrestling tournament in Oakland this weekend to compete.

She has not had the chance to wrestle another female this year, so this will be a first. If she does well, she could qualify for a state finals. She wrestles at pounds. Modoc's Travis Wood is ranked number one at pounds in the section and Cory Bell holds down the number one heavyweight ranks.

Jason Jones has moved into the number two rank at pounds and Luke Hammerness is ranked third at pounds. Jaafar Mirholi holds down the fourth spot at pounds and Joey Catania is sixth at pounds. Etna stuns Braves in SCL, tough weekend ahead. Coach Mike Martin said the team shooting percentage needs to improve, and the team was simply flat in Etna. This weekend is going to be tough as the Braves travel to Mt. Shasta Friday night and return home Saturday to face unbeaten Trinity. Saturday's games start at 2 p. Shasta is tough at their place and Trinity is going to go miles an hour the whole game, offense and defense.

We need to play our game. Against Fall River, the Braves got off to a quick start, leading in the first period. The Bulldogs clawed their way back into the game and trailed at half-time. Modoc maintained a lead after three, but the Bulldogs got closer with a fourth period. Etna jumped out to a first period lead and lead at the half. Etna outscored the Braves in the third and in the fourth. The Braves beat Weed Tuesday night in Alturas, jumping on the Cougars early, in the first period.

Modoc led at halftime and after three. Stevens led the scoring with 26 points, Shiloh Pierce added 13 and Eppler had nine. The junior varsity boys put together two solid scoring gamesd, beating Fall River and Etna Coach Bunk Richardson said both outings were solid for his charges. Fall River got up on Modoc in the first period and still led by the halftime talks. The Braves came out in a different defense and took a lead after three and had a solid points for quarter for the win. Ross Burgess led with 24 points and Grant Hall added Modoc started quickly against Etna, leading after one and by the half.

By the end of the third, Modoc led and closed out strong in the fourth. Burgess led the scoring with 27, Taylor Dunn had nine and Keith Montague had eight. Tuesday night, Modoc beat Weed at home. Modoc led in the first and by half. The Braves maintained a after three periods. Burgess led the scoring with 24 and Hall added Brave girls lose struggle. Modoc's varsity girls team is struggling this year, trying to put a solid game together in league play.

Modoc travels to Mt. Shasta Friday night and plays Trinity at home Saturday, with the junior varsity girls starting play at 2 p. Both games were on the road. Tuesday night the Braves lost to Weed at home Modoc started with a first period lead against Weed, but the Cougars outscored them in the second period to take a halftime lead. Weed put up 36 points in the second half to Modoc's Against Etna, the girls got behind in the first period and at halftime.

The Lions outscored Modoc in the third period and in the final stanza. Fall River also jumped on Modoc early, taking a first period lead and going up at hafltime. Fall River scored 15 to Modoc's 13 in the third but blew them out in the fourth Pence led the scoring with 13, Brittany Bartram had seven and Campagna added six. Junior varsity girls: Modoc's junior varsity girls won a low-scoring game against Fall River Friday night, Modoc and Fall River were tied at four after one and Fall River led at halftime. At the end of three, the Braves trailed Amanda Martin hit two buckets in the third and Alysha Northrup sunk a pair in the fourth, with Tacie Richardson and Jessie Harden each hitting late free shots.

Etna beat the Braves junior varsity The Braves started slowly and spotted the Lions a lead at halftime. Modoc didn't score in the second quarter. Modoc fought back to close within nine at the end of three The Braves came to within five, but were outscored in the fourth. The jayvees lost a tight one to Weed Tuesday night. The game was tied at in the first and Modoc led at halftime. The Cougars hit some threes in the second half to take the lead and Modoc came up just short.

Richardson led the scoring with 12 points, and Rachel Crosby added seven. Richardson also grabbed nine rebounds. The Surprise Valley Hornets boys basketball team put up 31 points in the fourth quarter, after only scoring 26 in the first half, to beat the Butte Valley Bulldogs, , January Against Butte Valley, the Hornets had three players still fighting a cold, but four of the six players scored in double figures.

Adam Evans and Loren Harris combined for 37 points, 18 rebounds, three blocked shots, and two steals. Josh Boneck and Scott Soletti combined for 38 points, 10 rebounds, and 13 steals. Butte Valley's Shane Cynor led with 18 points. The Hornet girls were out-hustled by the Bulldogs, according to coach Arnold DeGarmo, and trailed at halftime. Butte Valley won the game Cara James led Surprise Valley with 24 points and Sara Teuscher added eight points and seven rebounds. The Hornet junior varsity beat the Bulldogs The Bulldogs led at halftime. Hemphill is reserve AA cowgirl.

Hemphill won the breakaway roping event, placed second in goat tying, ninth in pole bending and tied for fifth in girls' cutting. The next rodeo is in Redding Feb. February 12, Snowpack for January above area averages. Snowpack is better than average in most of Modoc County, according to the snow survey just released by the federal agencies. Last year at this time, snowpack was just 40 percent of average. Blue Lake has 26 inches of snow containing 8.

That compares to just nine inches of snow last year, containing 3. The year average for the area is 29 inches of snow containing 7. Cedar Pass measures 43 inches of snow with Last year, only 14 inches of snow was at the spot in January, containing 3. The year average for Cedar Pass is 39 inches of snow with That snow survey spot is at 7, feet elevation. Barber Creek, south of Eagleville, has 37 inches of snow containing Last year it had just 12 inches of snow containing 4.

Last year at this time 49 Mountain Nevada had no snow at all. This year there is 22 inches with 4. The year average at 6, feet is 17 inches of snow and 4. For the month of January, ,. That's up over. No use permit for Canine Country, appeal is planned. The Modoc County Planning Department will not issue a use permit for Judy Ford's Canine Country and has given the facility 15 days to appeal to the Planning Commission or 90 days to close.

Ford has operated Canine Country west of Alturas for several years and takes in stray animals, working hard to adopt them out and care for their needs. On Wednesday, Ford said she plans on appealing the decision to the Planning Commission, and further explained that her facility is more of a holding area than long term kennel. She said she tries to get the animals to outside agencies, often out of state as quickly as possible. The question of renovations, or buildings she said, comes down to financial ability. Modoc Planner Scott Kessler issued his opinion on January 29, stating that he had had multiple complaints from neighbors that "clearly demonstrate that this use is detrimental to the health, safety and peace of the property owners in the vicinity.

The fact is your current operation removes all speculation about the matter and it is injurious to the rights and enjoyment of property in the area. Kessler said after visiting the site, he found it consisted of a series of dog pens on concrete pads with igloo shelters and a series of unfenced dog houses with dogs chained to them. When he visited there were 14 dogs, and he said he's been told there have been upwards of 40 at different times. However, these conditions are unacceptable for such an operation.

A series of open air pens on concrete pads does not constitute a kennel. If Ford chooses to appeal, Kessler makes the following recommendations: design the facility more like a kennel, with indoor and outdoor pens; reduce the barking noise by putting animals inside a building and regulating the number, hours and mix of dogs outside at any given time; limit the number of dogs; changing operational policies to place an overflow of dogs in homes throughout the county until they can be adopted out; and plant a noise barrier with fast-growing hedges such as Austrees.

She has wide support in the county from individuals and entities. BV irrigators hope state's decision could force Hot Spring's hand. Gerig, a Big Valley water user, "is they don't have the right permits so they can't sell water any more. Water users all along the Pit River below Canby insist that the water sold for power generation has historically been theirs to use for summer irrigation.

That has dried us right up. South Fork hasn't let hardly any water come on down, and there never is any water in the summertime on the North Fork, anyway. Hot Spring's position that their release of water to the power companies downstream was within their purview has been ruled erroneous in the SWRCB's most recent ruling, issued early in December. Bradshaw's view is typical of many Big Valley ranchers and farmers. At least the Water Resource Control Board has the scrutiny now. Gerig is somewhat optimistic about improved water flow as a result of the board's decision.

Fitts is much less optimistic. I think we're going to have to set kind of tight until they settle them lawsuits that's pending. Some of it's been nature's doing , but I really believe it has hurt us some. For his part, Bradshaw hopes to see immediate changes. But they need to get a long-term solution as far as monitoring. And this is the last we heard: The state was broke, and they weren't going to give us a water master this summer.

And I doubt that they're going to give us the money back, either, you know. Indeed, Fitts seems to have the best grasp of the situation, as it stands. Quite frankly, lawsuits cost money, and we don't have any money to spend. Moreover, explained Fitts, the outcome of a lawsuit could very well backfire. We didn't figure that we were being treated quite right.

Basically, I was going to jump up and down and sue the guys at Hot Springs and so forth. And number two, it opens up the adjudication and the whole process by letting everybody have a whack at it again. I don't think it's going to have much of an impact. I think it will have to go to court. I don't know that it'll help anybody. Still, Fitts seems to be looking for a solution to the situation.

I think that would fly. It is irrigation water, you know. But I don't know that that will ever happen either. It isn't going to happen until a few tempers and so forth calm down. Then, upon further thought he adds, glumly, "We can't outbid that power company. The water's very valuable. I think this might be kind of the beginning of the end. Permanent absentee voters do not need new application. The voter registration deadline for the March 2 Primary Election is Feb. She reminds people who are permanent absentee voters that they do not have to send in a new absentee application.

Madison also said the people need to make sure they are registered correctly -- in the right district, under the correct name and at the correct address. Madison suggests that anyone who needs more information on the election, contact www. People who haven't voted in several elections should check to make sure they are still registered properly. They might have been taken off the registration list. For the election, absentee ballot applications can be made February Voters may request those ballots by letter, with signature or they can be done using the application on the back of the sample ballots.

Many of the local precincts outside of Alturas will vote by mail. Local building activity dropped off to low levels in the month of January, according to the Modoc County Building Deportment. A manufactured home on a perimeter foundation made up about half the total and the only other large items were a garage with living quarters above and a hat storage barn.

Curtis watercolors brighten pre-Spring Art Center show. The watercolor paintings of local artist and instructor Margot Curtis will be featured for the opening reception of the gallery on Friday night, Feb. The public is invited to preview the new February show and to enjoy punch and hors d'oeuvres. Margot Curtis is a third generation Californian, a retired rancher's wife and the mother of four grown children. Starting with oils and acrylics and finally exploring the endless and exciting qualities of watercolor, Curtis began taking workshops with nationally known watercolorists.

Curtis attempts to attend at least one workshop annually and particularly enjoys painting on location. Currently instructing watercolor classes for Lassen College's Modoc outreach, Curtis credits early encouragement from Sue Bennett and the books and teachings of artist and master teacher, Gerald Brommer, for the impetus to share her enthusiasm for watercolor with students.

It's hard to limit myself to a single style of painting when there are so many new approaches and techniques developing in watercolor that I've yet to try," expresses Curtis. The Art Center gallery is located at So. Main Street, Alturas. The non-profit organization offers a gallery featuring the works of local and regional artists, gifts and classes. Those interested in Art Center membership are welcome to join. February is membership month. Pastor Rod Bodmer officiated. Burial took place in San Bernardino.

While at Moody, she met Leslie A. They were married on Christmas Eve, in Davenport, Iowa. It was a double wedding ceremony with her sister, Amy marrying Troy Stipe. Ruth and Leslie lived in Missoula, Montana where they pastored a church. Leslie passed away July 5, Ruth retired from Brachs in She then moved to San Bernardino, Calif.

Ruth's mother passed away in and a few years later, Ruth moved to Alturas, Calif. Her wonderful soprano voice was appreciated in church where she loved to sing. She also loved flowers and enjoyed her membership at the Art Center, where she sold her watercolor paintings and crocheted baby items. Also an avid reader, the post office and library were frequent destinations as she walked around town.

Ruth is survived by her brother the Rev. Phyllis Elliott of Hillside, Illinois and many other nieces and nephews. The family is thankful, first of all, to the Lord Jesus for their rich heritage of knowing Ruth Westmoreland, being in her family and sharingher faith in God. They are also very thankful to the many friends and loved ones who cared for Ruth through the years. A resident of Alturas, Calif. She also taught piano to many youngsters in the area. She was preceded in death by her husband Russell and two sons, Robert and Gary.

She leaves behind two sons, Dan of Alturas, Calif. She was loved by her family and friends and will be greatly missed. A time of remembrance for friends and family will take place at the First Baptist Church, following services. Pastor Bud Kirk will officiate. Vicki was born March 2, , in San Francisco, Calif. Brunel "Bru" and Barbara Don Christensen. She lived in Likely while growing up and always considered herself a Modocer. She worked as a telephone operator for several years at Citizens Utilities in Alturas. Vicki moved to Sacramento in , and worked in the answering service business and for the Franchise Tax Board.

Vicki was preceded by both sets of grandparents and her father, C. Brunel Christensen. Funeral services will be held at a later date at the Likely Cemetery, Likely, California. Remembrances may be made to the charity of your choice. Burial will be at the Likely Cemetery in Likely, Calif. Crew, who had been living in Alturas from until , passed away of natural causes in Modesto, Calif. She was She was a native of Berkeley, Calif. A memorial service will also be held today, Feb. Salas Brothers Funeral Chapel in Modesto is in charge of arrangements.

Remembrances may be sent to Child Evangelism Fellowship, P. Box , Modesto, Calif. Services were held on Tuesday, January 27, at a. She was born on August 23, to Antone and Mary Marks.

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  8. She attended schools in Bayliss and Orland and later married John Retzloff in She was a homemaker and enjoyed gardening. She lived in Orland for 63 years and was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. She is also survived by 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Funeral services for Theodore "Ted" R. Martinez were held on Sunday, Feb. A wake was held Saturday night at the family residence on Carlos Street, Alturas.

    Martinez passed away on January 29, at a. Born in Likely, Calif. Theodore was a veteran of the U. Army, having served as an ammunition technician during the Korean Conflict. He was preceded in death by his mother and father, his son Victor Martinez and brothers Raymond Martinez and John Martinez. Honor Guard for their time and dedication and to the numerous relatives and friends for their support through this difficult time. Modoc's dominant wrestling team plays host to the Shasta Cascade League Championship Tournament this weekend, with wrestling to start Friday about 1 p.

    The Braves, who just won one of the major tournaments in the north state at Corning last weekend, are heavily favored to win the league title again this year. Last year they won the league title by over points. We have a few injuries, but should win league convincingly. The Braves are coming off a win at the Corning Invitational last weekend, the first time ever for Modoc. We had some other kids really step up. One of the people who stepped to the front was Ian Jacques who took a third place in the pound division.

    Hank Raabe took a fifth at pounds. Wood also credited Jared Cox, who took a sixth at , Brian Weed who took sixth at , Nick Hawes who took sixth at and Sheridan Crutcher who took a sixth. Scott and Chris Buchanan also did well. Modoc's top wrestlers did their part as usual, with Travis Wood taking a second at pounds and Jason Jones taking a second at pounds. Both wrestlers Wood and Jones lost to were named top wrestlers. Wood lost to Jeff Gross of Oroville, who was named outstanding middleweight and Jones lost to Nick Hernandez of Pleasant Valley who was named the top heavyweight in the tourney.

    Cory Bell took a third at heavyweight, losing a surprise match in the semi-finals. Brad Bell also took a third at pounds and Jaafar Mirholi took a third at pounds. Joey Catania took a fourth at pounds and injured his shoulder in a match. The team scores for the Corning Tourney were: Modoc Brush places 6th in all-girls meet. She just missed placing fifth, which would have qualified her for the All-Female State Finals this year. It was also the first time this season that she has gotten to wrestle girls instead of guys. Brush wrestles at the pound division, and in male competition that's one of the toughest weight classes.

    She said girls wrestle different than the guys, and the ones she faced last weekend were also tough. I learned a lot this year. One of the major differences in the meet is Brush is the only girl on Modoc's team, and one of very few in the Shasta Cascade League. She was astounded that some of the girls she was facing in San Leandro actually were on all girl teams and didn't wrestle the guys.

    Actually, some of the girls she talked to were probably more amazed that she was the only girl on her team and had to wrestle guys all year. In addition, she said the girls she wrestled in San Leandro were strong, and their muscle structure was well defined. But, she said, most of them had been wrestling for years. Brush injured her shoulder in San Leandro and won't be able to wrestle this week for the Shasta Cascade League championships. But that's not going to deter her from next year.

    I definitely will be back next season and I plan on working harder this summer to get into shape. I know what it takes and how hard it is. She said she also wouldn't mind dropping a few weight divisions to get out of that tough pound group. One thing she knows is that in the middle of the state, there are a lot of girls wrestling in high school. She hopes more girls start out in north section. Modoc boys drop pair in SCL to mammals.

    Modoc's varsity boys team fought tough against Trinity Saturday at home, but just couldn't keep pace with the top ranked team in the league, losing The Wolves played a very pressure oriented game, but Modoc played even the first period, trailing just after one. The Wolves took a lead into the halftime talks. Both teams played nearly even in the third, with Trinity maintaining a lead. Trinity slowed the offense down in the final part of the game, using the time up on every possession.

    They outscored Modoc in the fourth for the win. Modoc hit just four of 19 three-point shots on the night. Friday night, the Braves lost to Mt. Shasta, , in overtime. The boys led at halftime, but the Bears tied in it the second half, and in overtime, outscored Modoc for the win. Stevens led the scoring with 21 points, followed by McKirahan with Modoc committed 19 turnovers in the game and shot just 28 percent from the floor.

    The Target (FBI Thriller #3) by Catherine Coulter Audiobook Full

    Modoc girls scare Trinity Wolves. Modoc's varsity girls basketball team put the fear of Modoc into the Trinity Wolves Saturday night, but came up just short, , in one of the Braves' better efforts. Modoc and Trinity started even, tied at after one. But the Wolves hit 21 and Modoc only seven in the second period, leaving the Braves behind Modoc fought its way back into the contest in the third and fourth period, outscoring Trinity in the third, and they went on a fourth quarter run. The Braves had the last shot, but Kristen Taylor's effort bounced off the rim.

    Modoc got crushed Friday night in Mt. Shasta, They were never in the game as the Bears took a first quarter lead and built that to a halftime lead. The Bears led after three. Hornets host Bulldogs for Homecoming. The Hornet boys went over the last week. They lost in overtime to Big Valley January They trailed at halftime and fought back to tie it at 62 before the overtime period. Scott Soletti led the team with 22 points and Loren Harris added 15 and 13 rebounds. Blake Oney led Big Valley with 24 points.

    On January 31, the Hornets beat Dunsmuir in Cedarville, Adam Evans led the scoring with 25 points and pulled down eight rebounds. Soletti hit for 17 points. Tuesday, the Hornets beat Tulelake Point Guard Mike Quick returned to the team after being out for two weeks. He had 12 points for Surprise Valley. The Hornet girls varsity found themselves down at halftime against Big Valley and lost , coming up just short on a rally.

    The Cardinals played a box and one to slow down Cara James, who still managed 18 points. Sarah Teuscher had six points and 14 rebounds and blocked four shots. The varsity girls lost to Dunsmuir , after trailing only by two at the half.

    MBR: Internet Bookwatch, March

    James led with 14 points, 12 rebounds and one blocked shot. She was double-teamed all night. Teuscher had a big night as she pulled down 16 rebounds and blocked five shots. The JV game went down to the wire as the Hornets fought back in the fourth to take the lead by one with a few seconds left, but committed a costly foul and Dunsmuir won Against Tulelake Tuesday, the girls lost. James had 19 points and Teuscher added nine. Tulelake won the JV game. JV boys lose two in SCL.

    Modoc's junior varsity boys team lost a pair of Shasta Cascade League games this weekend, to unbeaten Mt.

    Post navigation

    Shasta, , and to Trinity, Against Mt. Shasta, Modoc trailed after one and at halftime. The Braves fought back to within seven, at the end of the third, but fell off late in the fourth. The Braves had Trinity on the ropes here Saturday, but missed a free three, a layup and a short shot in the final seconds to lose Modoc led after one and by half.

    They still had a lead after three. Burgess led with 30 points and Grant Hall added eight. Dustin Philpott will be out because of injury the remainder of the season. JV girls lose 2 SCL games in weekend. Modoc's junior varsity girls team started well against Trinity here Saturday, but foul trouble doomed them, losing The Braves had an first period lead, but Trinity hit 11 of 14 free throws in the second period to take a halftime lead.

    In the second half, several Modoc players fouled out. The Wolves outscored Modoc in the second half. Jessica Harden led the scoring with seven, while Marlena Bartram pulled down nine rebounds. Modoc lost a game Friday night to league-leading Mt. Shasta The Braves went up early but by halftime trailed Modoc failed to score in the third period and the Bears took a lead into the fourth. The Braves outscored the Bears in the final period. Kelly Campagna led with five points, while Megan Thompson had five steals. February 12 , Two-year-old boy saves family in fire.

    A Modoc Estates family is very fortunate that their two-year-old son woke up crying early Tuesday morning, allowing them to escape a fully engulfed burning modular home. According to Alturas Rural Fire Chief Allan Jacques, the two-year-old was sleeping on the couch in the living room and was awakened when he felt heat on his forearm. He got up and ran down the hall towards the adults' bedroom. His father, Joshua Hayes and companion Penny Allen, heard him yelling and when they opened the bedroom door, saw the living room ablaze behind the youngster.

    They gathered up two other kids, Paul, age eight, and Celeste, age six, and made it out of the home through the burning living room. Of the five, only the two-year-old was hurt, sustaining third degree burns to his forearm. He was treated and released at Modoc Medical Center. Jacques said the home was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived. The front and side walls had caved and the roof had fallen.

    Firefighters did what they could, but the Red Deer Lane home was a total loss. The ARFD was on the scene for about five hours. Penny Allen said when she went down the hall and looked around the corner into the living room, the fire was rapidly snaking its way up the wall behind a Monitor heater and the television. The cause of the fire is unknown. Allen said the family escaped though the front door, which was surrounded by fire. They got outside and were in their vehicle when the living room picture window blew apart and the fire exploded throughout the home. The family was sitting outside in their vehicle when firefighters arrived, said Jacques.

    That was a relief to firefighters. The family's possessions were completely destroyed. In addition to funding, the family needs personal items, from clothing to furniture. County's 'Code of the West' draws public ire. On Tuesday, those same Supervisors are going to be asked by local realtors and agents and the Alturas Chamber of Commerce to rescind what those groups call an incredibly "negative representation of the County.

    When the Board adopted the "Code" it was intended to be distributed to newcomers preparing them for life in rural America. The code has not been freely handed out by some county departments, who privately have said it was not beneficial to the county's stance or future. Local real estate professionals have called the "Code" a major impairment to economic development and say it gives the wrong impression about living in Modoc.

    Many of the lcoal businesspeople would rather see a document, that while it informs, also points out the wide variety of benefits to living in Modoc County. The County's "Code of the West" doesn't say a thing about the positives of living in Modoc County: good schools, low crime rate, clean air and water, affordable real estate, recreation, peace and quiet, and so on. In the introduction, it states, "It is important for you to know that life in the country is different from life in the city.

    County governments are not able to provide the same level of service that city governments provide. To that end, we are providing you with the following information to help you make an educated and informed decision when choosing to purchase rural land outside the boundaries of incorporated cities. For instance, the first issue deals with Emergency Response.

    The code states: "Emergency response times sheriff, fire suppression, medical care, etc. Under some extreme conditions, you may find that emergency response is extremely slow and expensive. On roads, the code states, "You can experience problems with the maintenance and cost of maintenance of your road. Modoc County maintains about one thousand miles of roads, but many rural properties are served by private and public roads, which are maintained by individuals or private road associations.

    Make sure you know what type of maintenance to expect and who will provide that maintenance. Extreme weather can destroy roads. Many roads were not built to current standards. Many large construction vehicle's cannot navigate small, steep narrow roads. In extreme weather, even county-maintained roads can become impassable. You may need a four-wheel drive with chains for all four wheels to travel during those episodes, which could last for several days. If your road is unpaved, it is highly unlikely that Modoc County will pave it in the foreseeable future.

    While no one argues that most of what's in the Code may be true, they say the presentation and the overall negativity of the document would scare even the most hardy newcomer and is hardly a "welcome" sign. Some say the Code points out many "worst case" scenarios. When it comes to the necessities of life, the Code is downright distressing. Repairs can often take much longer than in towns and cities. Cellular Telephone communication can be a problem, especially in mountain areas. If you have a private line, it may be difficult to obtain another line for fax or computer modem use.

    If sewer service is available to your property, it may be expensive to hook into the system and may be expensive to maintain the system you use. You may also find that your monthly cost of service can be costly when compared to municipal services. The cost of drilling and pumping can be considerable. The quality and quantity of wells can vary considerably from location to location and from season to season.

    Power outages can occur in outlying areas with more frequency than in more developed areas, a loss of electric power can also interrupt your supply of water from a well. You may also lose food in freezers or refrigerators. Some other highlights of the Code could be dissuasive. You may be subject to spray drift or overspray. The conclusion pretty much wraps up the Code: "Even though you pay property taxes to the county, the amount of tax collected does not cover the cost of services provided to rural residents.

    In general, tax revenues derived from commercial, industrial, agricultural and forest uses and activities in the county subsidizes the lifestyle of those who live in the country by making up the shortfall between the cost of services received from rural dwellers. We at Modoc County have offered these comments in the sincere hope that it can help you enjoy your decision to reside in the country.

    It is not our intent to dissuade you, only inform you. The event will start at 10 a. There will also be free rentals and free lessons for kids over age six. Parental release forms are also required for the rental equipment. Forms are available at the ski hill. A free barbecue starts at 11 a. Beginning at 1 p. All kids who race must have a release form signed by a parent or guardian. The awards and trophies will be presented following the races and medals and ribbons will be available for racers.

    The whole day will end when the lift shuts down at 4 p. The regular meeting was moved from Tuesday to Wednesday to accommodate sports activities. The dedication, including a performance by the Modoc High Jazz Band, will open the meeting at p. Both will be held at Shirley Oxley Hall.

    Topics on the agenda will include student drug testing for athletes and students involved in extra-curricular activities, an outdoor graduation for Modoc High School, funding waivers for community day schools, donations, key systems at Modoc High and Alturas Elementary Schools. In addition, there will be a presentation by the MHS Academic Decathlon Team Board policies will be reviewed in the area of all personnel, nondiscrimination in employment.

    On Monday, February 16, a school holiday, all local youths will have the opportunity to audition for the Missoula Children's Theatre production of Hansel and Gretel. Open audition will take place inside the A. Niles Theater, So. Main Street, Alturas from to p. No advance preparation is necessary and there is no cost involved. DeAndre Smith and Ivy Ellis will be searching for a cast of 50 to 60 local students, ages five through teen years, to perform in the production.

    MCT is celebrating their 20th year of working with Modoc County youths. The show will be rehearsed throughout the week Feb. Two public performances will be presented on Saturday, February 21 at 1 p. Niles Theater. Among the roles to be cast are Hansel and Gretel, crafty cooks, loyal servants of the Wildwood Witch, modern day campers--somehow lost in time in the wood, lots of nasty critters--creepy denizens of the deep and a flock of cuddly Wallybirds.

    Rehearsals are held throughout the week each day. A licensed cosmetologist originally from Los Angeles, she is passionate about theater and spent a year in Seattle, tap dancing, taking voice lessons and doing lots of hair and make-up. She plays the trumpet and is an avid reader. This is Ellis' third tour with MCT. All MCT shows are original adaptations of classic children's stories and fairytales; a twist on the classic stories known and loved. MCT's mission is the development of lifeskills in children through participation in the performing arts.

    Dawson’s Guide to the Internet: Snapshot of my bookmarks, 2011

    This local opportunity is sponsored by Frontier, a Citizens Communication Company. Pre-sale tickets will be available at Antonio's in Alturas. This was Tulelake's second consecutive win. The team competed against Modoc High's team total score of 29, and Surprise Valley High's team score of 28, Each team member participates in 10 grueling events in the Academic Decathlon, including economics, mathematics, music, art, language and literature, and science.

    In addition, the contestants perform prepared and impromptu speeches, write essays on a given topic and are interviewed by a panel of judges. Watch the Record for individual medal winners and a photograph next week. After an incredible, near two-year display of courage and optimism, Beverly Moore finally succumbed to the cancer that had plagued her for so long, by quietly passing away in her sleep in the early morning hours of Sunday, February 8, in Alturas, Calif. She attended school in Gerlach, Nevada throughout her childhood and eventually graduated a year early from Gerlach High.

    They then settled in Alturas and began a family that would ultimately include five children, twelve grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. In her free time, she enjoyed a wide range of different activities, from bowling to water-skiing, reading to motorcycle riding. Everything she did, she did with all her heart and because of it, her passing will leave a deep void in the lives of all who had the pleasure of knowing her. We love you gramma!! A memorial service will be held on Friday, Feb.

    Warner Street in Alturas. Eternal Hills of Klamath Falls is in charge of arrangements.

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    Don was born June 17, , in Fallbrook, Calif. He was raised in Fallbrook and attended Fallbrook High School. He attended the National School in Los Angeles for diesel and auto mechanics. September of , they had a daughter, Sharilyn Marie. In November of , they moved to Alturas, CA. Don worked as a mechanic until he purchased the Auction Yard Cafe in Alturas, which he and Marilyn operated for several years, until retiring in Don was a lifetime member of the Alturas Elks Lodge He had a great love for his family.

    In his early years, he enjoyed racing dirt bikes in the Mojave Desert and playing golf. He loved to fish and spend time with his friends at Blue Lake. A private memorial will be held at a later date. A funeral service was held at 11 a. Interment followed at the Sunset Park Cemetery. Desert Rose Funeral Chapel was in charge of the arrangements. Capps was born April 9, , in Alturas, Calif. She grew up in Lakeview and was a graduate of Lakeview High School. In addition to janitorial work, Mrs. Capps cared for her beautiful yard, enjoyed doing all kinds of needlework, crafts, her kittens and going for rides.

    She loved to babysit her grandchildren. And she attended the Church of the Open Bible.