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Communication issues were such that two units led by Longstreet and A P Hill both of whom had cautioned Lee against the attack never went into battle despite the fact that both were meant to have played a pivotal role in the attack. The Union force, commanded by McClellan could have launched potentially a devastating counter-attack against the totally disorganised Confederates but McClellan was more concerned about the greater numbers Lee could call on, which could not be matched by the Army of the Potomac.

Civil War Campaigns

The Army of the Potomac lost dead, wounded and missing. The Army of Northern Virginia fared worse: dead, 15, wounded and missing. McClellan ordered his army to pull back — typical of his cautious approach to a campaign, though he was hampered by poor intelligence — while Richmond was saved, even if Lee had not defeated the Army of the Potomac.

July 2 nd : Lincoln called on , men to volunteer for the Union and to serve for 3 years. July 5 th : Congress was already planning for a post-war America. It authorised the building of the first trans-continental railway. I cannot but regard our position as critical. July 13 th : Lincoln urged McClellan to start an attack on Richmond. July 14 th : Congress approved the establishment of West Virginia. Blue, Warner A. Boggs, Francis M. Bossick, E. Boyd, Andrew J. Bray, James N. Died Feb 24, , of wounds received at Fort Donelson.

Bray, Martin L. Bregg, Henry J. Brock, Richard K. Brooks, S. Killed at Ft. Blakely Apr 8, Brown, Elsey J. Brown, George D. Brown, William H. Bucholz A. Burke, G. Burkhalder, L. Burndell, John S. Burns, Henry F. Burtiss, Alfred L.

Civil War Timeline

Burtiss, James W. Busick, Arthur A. Grove, Mo. Butler, H. Butts, Edwin W. March 8, Cain, Christopher D. Callahan, C.

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Callender, M. Campbell, James H. Gaines, Ala. Cassady, U. Killed at Shiloh, Apr 6, Chalfaut, Ethart D. Died at Lebanon, Mo. Childers, John H. Coley, Jere C. Converse, Charles H. Cornwall, F. Crawford, R. Cross, George W. Crotts, S.

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Crumbaugh, Charles D. Darby, William. Dean, Nimrod N. Hudson, La. Debolt, John W. Dittmor, G. Dodson, Daniel D. Orleans, Sep 14, Dorlan, John N. Duke, J. Dwyer, Michael R. Ebbetts, Fred R. Elder, James A. Enoch, John W. Esborn, W. Sep 18, Evans, John L. Eversole, George W. Ewing, J.

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Feathers, D. Ferguson, G. Fifer, G. Flesher, John W. Flock, John W. Fogle, Samuel J. Foote, Russell L. Fostor, Perry J. Franks, Jacob C. Frazier, John M.

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Freed, C. Gastman, Francis M. Glasscock, George W. Gohlhee, C. Gordon, Thomas L. Gourley, James R. Graham, H. Graham, J. Orleans, Sep 15, Orleans, Jan 27, Greenman, Henry C. Oct 8, Griffith, Jonathan S.


Hafter, John R. Halford, G. Haltbruner, A. Hammond, J. Orleans, Sep 13, Hill, Feb 1, Died at Nashville, Tenn. Harrison, William H. Orleans, Oct 17, Harvey, Robert H. Harvey, W. Haughey, Andrew M. Hayden, Charles C. Haynie, Melvile R. Henson, Henry C. Hibbs, Otho B. Hicks, Andrew J. Higden, J. Hill, Benjamin C. Homes, Francis M. Hood, I.

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Hopkins, Charles W. Hore, Henry F. Orleans, Aug 20, Horn, Charles N.