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The thought of Richard truly placing his lips against the folds of her sex made her clit throb. She was aching between her thighs as if something was really going to happen between them tonight. Do this and we both walk out of here with fatter pockets. It was them against four cocky bastards who needed to grow up and be taken down a peg or two. Jingle Bell Rock was now playing. The play was beginning and the actors were taking the stage.

Taking her hand, he escorted her behind the bar. He pulled her right under the mistletoe before letting her hand go. Returning quickly, he carried a can of pineapples, coconut milk, and a jar of cherries. He set it all on the counter. Nerves were beginning to set in. Lorna nibbled on the bottom of her lip. Scrunching her forehead she stared at him. His gaze lowered. She followed him and sure enough there was a blender beside her foot on the bottom shelf.

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You just stand right there. Taking the few steps to her, he stood in front of her for a moment. Neither of them moving. Then with precise slowness, he lowered his frame to the floor at her feet. Lorna was captured by the blue eyes staring up at her. His gaze left her face and travel to her breast and beyond.

When he stopped, she realized the convenience of his position. The fact that she wore heels placed him at eye level with the apex of her thighs. That vision alone was causing the aching inside to intensify. His eyes closed. Was he counting? She wondered. Was there a time limit expected? Opening his eyes, he looked at her. His hand continued to slide up her stocking covered legs.

When he got to the back of her knees he paused making small circles. Her eyes slid shut this time. That the spot was so erotic when touched. Her nipples tightened in response. He squeezed her thighs right below the hem of her dress. Passionate ribbons of excitement danced through her veins, the room around her went dark.

She took a step outward, unable to control her response. Right at that moment, she wanted nothing else but for Richard to raise the hem of her dress and kiss her, a full-mouthed kiss and to taste her essence. As if he understood her need, his dangerous hands slipped to the center of her thighs and under her dress…just inches away from her pulsing pussy. Please, she moaned in her head, too overwhelmed to allow words to pass her lips. The pressure of his forehead leaning against her belly caused her to grip the edge of the bar.

His thumbs brushed high against her thighs. Any moment she expected to feel him caress the drenched seat of her panties. Her air became tramped in her lungs, her body was tensed with expectation. She tilted her hips toward him, an invitation. Everything happened too quickly, Richard moved away and rose with blender in hand. She exhaled and blinked a few times. Turning she looked at Richard, who chatted with the people now cluttering the bar.

Tasha Larson became Tasha Sanders. She and her husband had twin girls. Just still trying to adjust to the mountain air, again. Lorna looked away from Doogey. The last thing that she wanted was anyone being curious about her and especially not her and Richard. The drink complete, Richard filled glasses for Lorna and the other ladies at the bar. When he moved toward her and handed her the glass his eyes travelled along her body. As they returned to hers, their gaze locked. Could he smell how aroused I was when he kneeled before me?

The question echoed in her mind. Almost spilling it, she was grateful when he grabbed it, steadying it in her hand. Another one of many. Those thought were making her feel unsettled. The sweet, cool treat was helping to fortify her senses. Bring her body temperature down a level. She took another healthy sip hoping not to get brain-freeze and tasted the subtle bit of the alcohol. It could use a little more rum. She was just thinking that it was past time for her to leave when Richard stepped to her.

He seemed to disregard the fact they were surrounded by people. She nodded. Placing her drink on the counter, she walked around the bar to Tasha. It was time for her to start mending some bridges. How about you come by for lunch tomorrow? Bring the kids if you need to. Rodney was one of six mailmen in the town.

She was glad to see Tasha happy. Waving at a few other people, Lorna grabbed her coat from the hooks at the front door, she put it on and left the restaurant. She forced her car around the corner and allowed it to idle and warm up. Burrowing deep in her coat, she waited, trying not to replay the heated moment between her and Richard. She was thankful when the interior of the car began to warm. There was a tapping at the window.

Wiping the fog away from the glass with her glove she saw her fantasy man and got out. He shrugged. Richard stood a foot away from her and his nearness once again was muddling her mind.

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It was just a bet, a game. Before she could process what was happening his lips were pressed against hers. No fumbling in the dark by inexperienced teenagers. The strength and confidence in this kiss proved to Lorna that she was dealing with a man. One of his hands held the back of her head, while the other palmed her ass. Holding on to his shoulders she opened her mouth and gave him entrance, needing to feel him inside of her. His tongue slid over hers and tickled the roof of her mouth.

She moaned. The kiss deepened. Plunging in and out of her mouth, as if he were fucking her lips with his thick tongue, making her thighs quiver. Capturing it she suckled him, imagining it was his dick in her mouth. All of a sudden she wanted to taste every inch of his skin. Her desire for Richard was like no other. Grinding his hard length against her sex, her clit throbbed. Pulling back he nibbled at the side of her mouth and licked her bottom lip. Her gaze met his. The blue of his eyes appeared dark like sapphire in the lamp light, shining from the back of the building.

She was speechless from both his words and the kiss. Not waiting for a response, he walked to the back door and went inside. Astounded she got into her car and pulled away. As a jobless woman with very few options before her, was she ready to discover if there was something between her and Richard after all these years? Yes, her body said. Hell no, her mind screamed. There had been a bet, but it was only for two hundred and fifty dollars and it was for any woman in the room.

He knew she needed money. And he had a need for her. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath he attempted to calm his body. Hell, it was already passed that point and into painful length and size. Shit, that was what being around Lorna did to him all the time. Normally, he was at home alone where he could relieve himself.

He needed a moment alone with Lorna to show her what he wanted from her. Richard lifted his head from the door and peered across the room and spotted Tasha walking into the door leading from the front room. Meeting him in the center of the kitchen, a confident smile pulled at her lips. Lorna was really sensitive where their old school friends were concerned. He shrugged and began to walk passed her toward the dining hall where the other people were. Stopping, he turned and eyed her. The only difference is while you and the popular crowd were ignoring her or making fun of her, I was her best friend.

You need someone in your corner pleading your case. Believing her motives, he nodded. Your parents. My parents. My brother Simmons and his no good cheating wife. Huntley who is going to design a blanket for your mother and Mr. Raising an eyebrow, Tasha nodded. Moving back to the table, she sliced the pound cake, still warm from the oven. Her father had whipped it up this morning before he headed out. Once that girl latched on to something it took the Jaws of Life to pry her off it. Barely settling into her chair, Lorna assessed Tasha.

This was a girl who knew all of her secrets from school. Could she still trust her?

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Or had time changed the girl she once knew. Tasha forked through her cake and sipped at her coffee, waiting. Lorna knew the answer. Tasha and her parents had been her champions when she talked about moving to Washington to live and work. Once in D. When it was over, Tasha did what she always did when Lorna had an emotional burst, hugged her. Taking a big bite of her cake, Lorna mumbled. She shrugged. My parents are getting old and I should be in the position to take care of them. Not the other way around. There was something comfortable and familiar about her small town.

Macready will say yes this Christmas to Mr. Or we can talk about Richard and you. You talked about it for a month. My feelings for Richard are still there. In February he broke up with his last girl friend, Mindy Cooper, who up and married someone from Winston-Salem this summer and moved away.

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Well, as lovely as this has been, I need to get to the store to pick up the supply for holiday crafts tomorrow. It is good to have you home. It was just beginning to get dark when she pulled up, now it was pitch black. The last thing she wanted was to end up in a ditch. Once she reached the rode she honked her horn as she drove off. The snow was coming down steady and sticking. Julian most likely was sitting in his front yard with his snowplow already warming, waiting for enough to accumulate so he could clear the roads.

Even with them in the mountains it very rarely snowed at all, then not enough to plow. She remembered when he bought it her senior year and everyone laughed. Thirty minutes later she was still trudging along miles from home. Julian got the roads clear. Her parents would be worried and she would need to use a house phone. Cell phones rarely worked in her county. Just the thought of him caused heat to infuse her body. Her mind returned to the conversation she had with Tasha.

Regardless of her feelings toward Richard, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Yes, he had kissed her, but did he want a relationship? Was he just curious? She wanted him.

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There was no doubt about that, but did she want to put her heart on the line where he was concerned, again? Setting his mug down on the counter he turned off the eye before heading to the living room. Max stood up from his place by the stove. He loved the light sparkling in her brown eyes and the curl of her full lips.

Lorna was beautiful no matter how he looked at her. This was the first house I came upon. This time she giggled. Julian comes through? He wondered if she was nervous around him. Maybe that kiss had set her off balance as it did him. Max used that moment to bump against her thigh. His dog had a heart for Lorna since he was a puppy. He use to take Max to the lake in high school and his dog would find her out of the masses every time. So, I can call my parents? While she called her parents, Max laid his chin on her lap as she idly stroked his head.

Richard went into the kitchen for the drinks. They only opened for breakfast and lunch on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas. That he would have regretted. The fact that he had Lorna in his house alone was making his heart and mind race. Placing the mugs on a serving tray, he topped them with whipped cream and set a saucer with four molasses cookies beside them.

He went into his pantry and collected the last item and put it on the tray under a pile of napkins. My dad told me about you and your father building it a few years ago. She was standing before the fire place staring at the pictures of his family on the mantel. Crossing the room, she sat down hesitantly on the couch and picked up a mug. He settled beside her, leaving about a foot of space between them. It was more than he wanted to leave, but he noticed her anxiousness.

They drank in companionable silence and gazed into the fire. As usual, Max opted for sleep in front of the fireplace over visiting with company. Shifting his body, Richard turned toward Lorna. I should have thanked you for helping me get gifts to my parents. Her eyes met his briefly before they lowered to his hand. He noticed the rise and fall of her breast.

I think we both got a little carried away in the moment. No big deal. Leaning over, he set his cup down and plucked the napkin off the tray and lifted the small package that was hiding underneath. I know. She placed her drink on the tray. I made sure of that.

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They parted and her tongue sneaked out and caught the crystal trail causing him to groan. He returned the other way and she did it again. Are you prepared for that? Around and around it went until the top half of the candy was shiny and wet, and he was close to coming in his pants. Unable to take one more delicious moment without tasting her, he tossed the candy plum on the napkin and kissed her. She was a blended delicacy, sugar coated Lorna. Capturing her tongue he 27 pulled it into his mouth.

The only thing he concentrated on was pleasuring her. When she sighed, he moved from her succulent mouth and dragged his tongue along the side of her neck. All right, you've convinced me.

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His hands lingered, longer than necessary, on her naked feet and calves. Tiny shivers of delight snaked their way up her legs and centered in the pit of her stomach. He rose and stared down, his hazel-colored eyes openly gazing at her bare legs. You got a head start. When she reached the river bank, Chad had already forged ahead, moving slowly in the quiet waters, testing the depth with his feet.

I think we should stay close to shore. What are you waiting for? She did as he asked, following him into the cool waters, gasping at the change in temperature, but enjoying the feel of mud between her toes. As a young girl, she had loved to go wading, loved the quicksilver water lapping at her legs and the soft mud squishing underfoot. He rushed over and looked down. They're awful to debone, but fried in cornmeal, I like them better than catfish.

I'm keeping watch.